History - Toyota

Since its founding in 1937, the Toyota Motor Company has been a dynamic and influential automaker across the globe. In the company’s 78 years of dedicated engineering excellence, from being a textile manufacturer to the automotive behemoth it is today, Toyota has always been going places.

The first two Toyota automobiles were the A1 and G1, both released in 1935, two years before the Toyota Motor Company’s official incorporation. Both models made waves in the automotive industry and secured Toyota’s early dominance of the auto market in Japan.

In the 1940s, Toyota released more innovative and popular models, mostly very “modern” and “high-tech” truck and commercial vehicles. The company continued to grow over the next two decades, setting sights far beyond the island of Japan. In 1957, Toyota Motor Sales USA was officially established. As both a profitable business and an engineering house-of-miracles, the Toyota Motor Company was booming. In 1962, Toyota produced its one millionth vehicle just in Japan, and by 1986, that number would explode to a whopping 50 million units. Just three years later, in 1989, Toyota established what would become a world-renowned luxury car brand: Lexus. By 2006, Toyota would become the world’s most popular auto group, overstepping even its massive competitors like GM.

Toyota has always been the automaker to imagine what the future of automobiles will look like and then to bring that dream to fruition. The brand has always been at the cusp of green technology, releasing the first hybrid Prius in Japan in 1997, years before its competitors would wise up to the importance of eco-friendly engineering. The Prius made its way to the United States in 2000 and has since revolutionized the green scene.

One glance at Toyota’s history is enough to tell you that it has been Moving Forward for a long time now, and chances are, Toyota’s not going to stop.


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